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what is the future of cryptocurrency in China?

What is bitcoin value in China and what future does other cryptocurrency have in China?

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High volatility of Bitcoin's price is a good thing?

Bitcoin's high volatile price is a great question mark for me! In what ways it could be good or bad ? according to me, bitcoin price plunges could leave a great bad impact on its users!

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Warren buffet views on Bitcoins?

Do you agree with the views Warren Buffet have for Bitcoins? Please feel free to share your reviews!

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How can I loose weight quickly?

Proper Diet, Exercise and a weight loss medicine can help you to lose weight! you can buy phentermine online or anyother weight loss medicine!

January 5, 2018 5
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where do bitcoins go after their owner’s death?

what happens to bitcoins after bitcoin Owner Died ?

January 4, 2018 5
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What do you think that how good or bad will be 2018 for Bitcoin?

Recently there was a bitcoin news of crash at new year, what do you think how will be its rest of 2018?

January 3, 2018 5
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Cryptocurrency investment in 2018

Are you still interested in investing cryptocurrency after knowing that the crypto market crashes at new year?

January 2, 2018 5
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What Is Your Favourite Blog On Bitcoin So Far?

Please share your favourite Bitcoin blog, So that i may get help in my assignment to see what people are more interested in reading about bitcoin.

January 1, 2018 5
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Winklevoss twins Bitcoin

What is your opinion on Winklevoss twins Bitcoin story of not selling BTCs regardless of their prices?

December 29, 2017 5
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Future of Ethereum

What could possible be the future of Ethereum or where do you see Ethereum currency in 2018?

December 20, 2017 5
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Pharmacy to buy medicines from Bitcoins

Does anyone know the pharmacy to buy prescription drugs online with Bitcoin ?

December 19, 2017 5
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What is the next rising curreny after Bitcoin?

I want to know that What is the next rising curreny after Bitcoin and shall i buy bitcoins currently or buy another currency ? what you guys will suggest? Detailed answers would be appreciated.

December 18, 2017 5
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Anxiety Attack

How to control anxiety attacks? What causes it?

December 18, 2017 5
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Why do some people don’t do hard work and get all the money?

some People are really smart they know the shortest way to get rich and that is Bitcoin. i would say that you should buy bitcoins instantly and sell them when the price is relatively higher. You can invest...

December 13, 2017 5
What will happen if I don't have Aadhar Card?

I have no proper proof of any sorts. Due to that I am not being able to apply for Aadhar Card. Will there be any problem if I don't have any Aadhar Card.

December 13, 2017 10