Amazon Device Features and Software

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  1. Location Based Services.Your Amazon Device may have a feature that allows maps, other applications, and Amazon to use and access location and related information from your device. If you are using location based services on your Amazon Device for navigation, you are solely responsible for ensuring you drive safely, observe all traffic rules, and use your own judgment while driving and selecting routes. Amazon does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or security of any location services.
  2. Backup and Restore.Your Amazon Device may have a feature that backs up to the cloud certain data on your device, including account settings, notes, email and wireless configurations, bookmarks, search history, communications, and call history, so that you can restore that data later to an Amazon Device.
  3. Voice Services.Your Amazon Device may have features that allow you to access Alexa voice services or otherwise use your voice to perform certain tasks, such as check the weather, add a calendar entry, perform a search, or operate other connected products. When you use voice services, we may process your voice input and other information (such as location) in the cloud to respond to your requests and to improve your experience and our services. Your use of Alexa is subject to the Alexa Terms of Use. Learn more about Alexa voice services and how they work at, including wake word processing, and how to delete voice recordings associated with your account.
  4. Other Image, Video, and Audio Services.Some Amazon Devices, such as Amazon Devices with Firefly, have features that allow you to capture images, video, or audio. When you use these features, we may process and store your captured images, video, or audio in the cloud to provide and improve our services. For some Amazon Devices and features, we may limit cloud storage or offer service plans with different storage limits and fees.
  5. Use of the Software.Except as provided in this section, you may use the Software only on an Amazon Device. For additional terms that apply to the Software, see the Amazon Software Terms contained in the Conditions of Use and the terms contained in the Legal or similar section in the Settings menu of your Amazon Device or companion app. Software licensed under an open source license is governed solely by the terms of that open source license. For additional terms that apply to the certain third party software, see the Legal, Legal and Compliance, or similar section in the Settings menu of your Amazon Device.


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