Are party planners worth the money?

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After planning quite a few parties in my time, and hiring party planners, I would say that hiring a party planner is definitely worth the cost. In my experience, the advantages of hiring a party planner include:

– Not going over budget

When I planned parties myself I noticed that I was always spending a lot more than I wanted to. With a party planner, they do everything in their power to get you what you want whilst sticking as tightly to your original budget as possible.

– Not getting stressed out

The main reason for a party should be to have fun and enjoy the company of your guest. However, if you are the planner of the event and the organiser, you don’t get to enjoy yourself as much. When my husband turned 60 I hired a party planner in London to help me and I found that I had a much better time at the party when I could fully let my hair down.

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