Are TiltWatch sensors accurate?


I’ve used tilt sensors in the past and I’ve never noticed any problems with accuracy. That being said, I checked out the information on and took a look at a product data sheet to see if I could find the official accuracy. I found out the following information regarding accuracy:
– The stated accuracy for both models of tilt sensors is +/- 5%.
– The basic XTR device has a monitoring range of 90 degrees within a single plane and an activation angle of 80 degrees.
– The Tiltwatch Plus has a monitoring range of 360 degrees and an activation angle of 80 degrees.
– They have tamper-proof designs to reduce the risk of inaccurate or concealed results due to interference from the shipping handlers. This prevents false positives or negatives
– They can’t be accidentally triggered due to regular handling conditions and normal motion.
I tried looking for customer reviews to see if there were any complaints regarding accuracy and from what I could see there’s little reason to doubt these accuracy claims.

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