Do I have to schedule office cleaning services monthly?

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There’s no standard rule because every business is different. A few questions to ask: (1) How big is your office space? (2) What type of cleaning does your office need? (3) How many employees are present in any given day? There are other questions but these three are some of the most important ones that you should address.

The bigger your office space, the longer time it takes to clean it. And the bigger the space, the more cleaning it requires because it follows that bigger space also means more employees maximizing the use of that space. The nature of your business will help determine the type of cleaning you need. If you’re in manufacturing and production, the production space might need more frequent cleaning compared to an office space with less people. Different parts of your office also require different cleaning methods. You can schedule a window cleaning every month, while vacuuming and cleaning the washrooms will require daily or more frequent cleaning. Hard floors and carpets will also need deep cleaning once or twice a year. Click here to learn more about deep cleaning services that your office needs.

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