Hardware Basics: Alexa Voice Remote

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The Alexa Voice Remote features a directional track pad that allows you to quickly and easily control audio playback on your Echo device. The Alexa Voice Remote is sold separately.

The Alexa Voice Remote is wireless, voice-enabled, and battery-powered. You can purchase it separately to use with your Echo device.

Note: You can only pair and use one remote with your Echo device. To learn how to set up the remote, go to Pair the Alexa Voice Remote.

You don’t need to say your device wake word when using your remote. The remote hears your request, even if you mute your Echo device.

Tip: You can change or disable the tone your remote makes when interacting with your Echo from the Alexa app. Select Settings from the menu, select your Echo device, and open Sounds. You can then select your preferred settings.


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