How can I get Instagram likes organically?

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Nowadays Instagram is most commonly used for promoting a business or services. If you want to get Instagram likes on your post then you should have to maintain your account effectively.
Tips to maintain your account effectively:-
1. Keep your account public.
2. Update relevant content from your account.
3. Use the most popular hashtag in your post to get more traffic.
4. Follow a number of people, brand to get follow back.
5. Post consistently.

Answered question

It depends on the engagement on your post. If you have good engagement on your post, Instagram will try to show your post to more people and you will get lots of like on your post.
It’s good for you that you are interested to buy Instagram likes which violates Instagram algorithm. These are the ways through which you get likes organically:-
1. Post quality content.
2. Use the right hashtag.
3. Know your top post and keep it in the news feed.
4. Ask a question in your caption to get more engagement.
5. Try to make friends, not followers.
5. Include CTA in each and every post.

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