How can I loose weight quickly?

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I would suggest you some tips that I personally implement for myself. Some of the major tips that help you in weight loss are mentioned below
​1. Add green veggies to your meal
​2. Drink plenty of water.
​3. Take an 8-hour sleep
​4. Drink some herbal green tea
​5. You can also buy steroids, but to be sure to consult with some professional trainer.
​6. Add exercises to your daily routine
​7. Cut the oily and junk food from your meal.
​8. Be consistent in your diet and exercises
​9. Be self-motivated by watching some motivational videos.
​10. Reduce your calories intake.

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Proper Diet, Exercise and a weight loss medicine can help you to lose weight!
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I can tell you about my personal experience of losing weight.

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Its working is:

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  • Improves the mood
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  • Makes calorie cutting easy

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Cook without using much salt and oil.For breakfast there are many options like rava upma,rava rotti,smoothies,ragi dishes,moongdal dosa etc.You can prepare anything without using white have to skip white rice. for lunch you can have brown rice. evening you can have peanuts,almonds with green tea.and for dinner you can have papaya or pineapple,steamed veggies .if you can skip wheat during diet it has high amount of carbo. make sure that you have to eat dinner before 8′o clock.Exercise is important.drink two to three liters of water and avoid junk food.You can use this custom essay writing service  for any kind of academic writing work.

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On a serious note:

– Track your daily calorie needs

– reduce your sugar intake

– Build lean muscle

– DO strategic Cardio (HIIT)

– Eat more protein

– Build a ton of motivation

Note: there is no quick way of loosing weight but with proper dedication and nutrition you can make slow progress.