How to lose weight quickly? Without dieting and workout.

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Hi, I am 22 years old and my weight is 60 kgs. I have tried all medicines and workout but it did not work. I tried dieting also but that also did not work. Suggest me a good idea to lose weight and there must be no dieting or workout because I have tried that already.

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You can Loose weight without Dieting buy eating right thing. Try to Avoid heavy meal during night times, Drink Plenty whole day and also 2 glass of water after waking up in the morning this will help you to increase your metabolism. Try eating low fat foods like low fat paneer, green vegetables, beans, legumes. And one the most effective way  drink low fat milk (slim trim milk )  this will keep you full whole day and help you in avoiding junk food.

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Doing all this things will help you to loose your weight gradually without draining your energy.

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I don’t think without dieting and without workout it is possible if you are obese. You don’t have to skip meals to lose weight. In fact what you should do is eat foods which does not cause weight gain. Eat lots of healthy vegetables and drink lots of water. Best to avoid junk foods. Going to gym is best. But it would take some time and you should wait at least for 6 months to see the effects of the gym.


One cannot lose weight quickly. And you have to sacrifice and do a lot of hardwork to get rid of weight. The best thing is to avoid junk food. Totally avoid food items such as chips, burgers, pizzas, fastfood items, etc. Lifestyle is the thing which makes you obese. Not only do you have to look at what you eat but you should also eat at the right time. Eating at late nights, eating lunch very late all these things can cause problems in the body. Do lot of exercise. If you think hitting the gym is tough then do running because it will give workout to your whole body. Hope it helps.