I found carpenter ants in my property. Will these ants eat my house?

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It’s a common question asked by homeowners about carpenter ants and most of the time it’s concerning houses made of wood. To cut the long story short, carpenter ants do NOT eat wood. The idea that carpenter ants eat wood is probably derived from the fact that carpenter ants are usually seen coming out of holes in wooden furniture, and other surfaces. But carpenter ants do not eat wood. They chew through wood using their jaws to create holes and tunnels where they can raise their young.


Carpenter ants become an issue when the holes and nests get large and can eventually cause the wooden structure to crumble or collapse. They do not eat wood, so they will not eat a house made out of woo but yes, a wooden house infested by carpenter ants is at risk for structural issues. If you’re sensing the beginning of an infestation of carpenter ants, you can take preventive measures using common house items like baby powder which can be sprinkled around the affected area. But your professional pest control in Thanet like Bowman Services are the ones to call if you want to get rid of the ants once and for all.

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