Is doing hair transplantation dangerous or safe?

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My hair has started to fall off and getting bald now. I was thinking about hair transplant. Do you think it can be dangerous or is it safe?


After all Hair transplant is a medical treatment which involves surgery. So, it naturally contains some amount of risk, but it is very negligible when compared to other intensive surgeries like cardiac operations or vital organ (liver, kidney etc) operations. Amount of risk is less cause it is cosmetic surgery and voluntary. It is very safe when following parameters are considered:

  1. Experienced Surgeons
  2. World class infrastructure
  3. Skilled Technical Manpower


Dr Dhananjay Chavan

Hair Transplant Surgeon

HairMD-Hair Transplant centre


No there is no danger and there is no side effects.


I don’t think it is dangerous. It is safe and that is why this treatment is thriving. If you have the money you can afford it and for poor they have no option. But you should think whether you can be with bald head or should have hair on coz it is not a sin to be bald headed.


I think anything done on our head is dangerous. But with so many people and actors doing the hair transplant seems to be safe. But if you are really in a field or work where personality is a must then you should go for it otherwise nothing wrong to be bald.