Is eating food cooked in induction stove bad for health?

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The process of other cooking is like flames are used to cook food. Such as gas stove and normal kerosene stove also has flames which heats the food. But as far as induction stove is concerned it just heats through electric current. Is the food cooked in this way good for health. I have been having lots of gas trouble and this has started after eating food via induction stove. But what about people who eat food which is cooked in microwave? They also eat the food which is cooked not by fire but through electric heating.




Your question itself has all the answers. It is very important that the food are cooked on flames and not by heating them through electricity. I had serious gas trouble and burping. It was all kind of painful gas and then I finally found out that usage of induction stove was the reason. Then went back to stove and the food is tasty and the gas problem has also gone down.

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