Is it bad for SEO if the web page name is different from the niche content it has?

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I have a website which is about computer and printer service. I have named the pages as product a, product b and so on. Example:    and

The content in it has not even a single word “product”. So my question is whether it is bad for seo or will having a file name such as will be helpful.


usually off niche pages do not negative affect your website..well they may not bring your any profit but definitely won’t cause any harm..still make sure the page is useful to the users..actually you may find this article interesting —


No it wont effect that much. Having keywords in url is good. It does help a bit. But it is not like if you not add the keywords in the url your seo will stop. Its just one of the factor but not the factor. So keep working on other seo procedures and you website will be fine.

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