I’ve been using a virtual answering service for my business for a couple of years now

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And have found the main advantages to be:

– Cost

The cost of a virtual answering service is usually a lot less than a live answering service, or an in house receptionist. This, of course, depends on which answering service you choose, but its quite easy to find the best virtual answering service for you by researching online.

– Professionalism

To clients and the general public, virtual answering services actually sound very professional. If you are choosing to outsource your call answering needs, virtual answering can ensure that your business is always advertised to callers in a professional way, whereas with live answering services, you can’t always guarantee that the call handlers will meet your businesses standards of professionalism

– Time

If you haven’t got an assistant or receptionist then taking calls can take up a lot of time. With a virtual answering service, you can have more time in your schedule for more important tasks.

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