supply chain management?

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Hello everyone,I have the following questions. This information can be acquired from manufacturing departments of any company or mechanical&chemical factories.
I kindly request you to provide me with the following information in concern with any sections/divisions of your company.
(1) Which quality system you use to maintain quality in your company?
(2) What is the OTD (on time delivery) over any period of time?
(3) Could you please compare your product costs with any of your market competitors?
(4) Are you able to adhere to the plans or decisions you take?
(5) Regarding productivity, what is the % of using capacity?
(6) Is there continuous improvement over a period of time? Here I refer to areas such as treating wastes and recycling.
(7) Are there any emissions during production phase( for example Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide) If there any, how do you manage to eliminate those wastes effectively.

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