What are the advantages of using a lightweight SUP paddle?

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Looking for the right paddle is crucial. It’s not just finding the right standup paddle board that matters, but the paddle that you’ll be using as you go along. Every person is different in terms of height, weight, experience, core strength, balance, stamina, and how we want the paddle to function when we’re in the water. You have to consider these personal factors in finding the right paddle. Your objectives (racing, recreation, surfing) will also play a role in determining other features like the height and blade area of the paddle you need.

Lightweight SUP paddles like the Billboard carbon paddle CP1 which you can get at www.supshop360.co.uk, are made from carbon fiber. Compared to average paddles, these are lighter and enable you to paddle longer because your arms don’t feel much strain. Carbon fiber paddles are also durable, and they’re a lot easier and more comfortable to hold. If you want a standup paddle boarding experience that you’ll enjoy, give carbon fiber paddles a try.

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