What are the features of cara bermain capsa agar menang game?

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The game of Cara bermain capsa agar menang is different and it includes different payment methods.


Playing Cara bermain capsa agar menang is the way in which you can curse one card and there are two daren’t kinds of the payment system. The first one is called normal one and the second is the playing by eyes. The card with number 2 is considered as the lowest card. The features of this game:

  • If you managed to get a full house, you would be rewarded with 3 points.
  • If there are four kinds down, then you can get 7 points and 14 points respectively.
  • When it comes to a straight flush, you will get 9 points and 18 points respectively.
  • You can earn up to 11 points with a royal flush and a second royal flush will give you 22 points.
  • You will earn 1 point in every successful pair.
  • The height type of player will get the win when players have the same amount of pair

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