What are the health benefits of Peanuts?

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There are many Health benefits of Peanuts. Some of them are:

1. Peanuts are a good source of protein.

2. Helps to increase fat.

3. Good source of Vitamins and Minerals

4. Good for the heart.

5. Help in stomach cancer.

6. Reduces the Chances of Stroke.

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Here are the benefits of Peanuts:-

  1. Helps in controlling your diet.
  2. Helps in Healthy Growth of Hair.
  3. Reduces Bad Cholesterol.
  4. Provides healthy and glowing Skin.
  5. Fight Against Depression.
  6. Rich in Energy.
  7. Fights Stomach Cancer.
  8. Regulates Blood Sugar.
  9. Reduces the chances of Strokes.
  10. Reduce Stress Level.
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Health Benefits Of Peanuts:

Here are some of the most well-known health benefits of Peanuts.

  1. Rich in Energy:

Peanuts contain vitamins, minerals, nutrients and anti-oxidants and thus are rich energy sources .

  1. Cholesterol:

It lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol in the body . Peanuts contain mono-unsaturated fatty acids especially oleic acid that prevents coronary diseases.

  1. Growth:

Peanuts are rich in protiens The amino acids present in them are good for proper growth and development of body

  1. Fights Stomach Cancer:

Poly-phenolic anti-oxidants are present in the peanuts in high concentrations. P-Coumaric acid has the ability to reduce the risk of stomach cancer by reducing the productions of carcinogenic nitrous-amines

  1. Fights against Heart Diseases, Nerves Diseases, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Infections:

A poly-phenolic anti-oxidant, Resveratrol present in peanuts prevents heart diseases, cancers, nervous disease and viral or fungal infections efficiently

  1. Reduces the Chances of Stroke:

The anti-oxidant, Resveratrol in peanuts prevents heart strokes by increasing the oxide

  1. Anti-oxidants:

Peanuts contain anti-oxidants in high concentrations . These anti-oxidants become more active when peanuts are boiled. There is a 2-fold increase in Biochanin-A and 4-fold increase in Genistein content. These reduce the damage done by free radicals produced in the body.