What are the steps to fixing rotting timber window frames?

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Rotting frames happen when the wood attracts moisture, causing it to rot on the inside. When this happens, the window loses its solid hold on the frame. Here’s how to solve this problem:

First, see the extent of the damage. Using a screwdriver, you can identify how much of the wood has been damaged. Simply insert the screwdriver into the wood and see how far it sinks into the wood. If it sinks way too deep, you have to replace the entire wood frame. Second, unscrew the window and get rid of the damaged parts by cutting the damaged part off. Then, fit in the new wood for the frame and use a filler to secure the wood. Be careful not to use too much filler as this will cause cracks on the wood. Fourth, inspect the windows and look for cracked or loose putty and completely remove such and replace it with a new one. The last step is to paint the timber wood frame with the color you want. Just make sure the paint is water-resistant. Alternatively, you can contact Sash & Case Windows Direct, a company that repairs, installs, and paints sash and case windows in Edinburgh.

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