What best characterizes the paintings of Armando Mariño’s paintings?

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His works are hugely influenced by the years he spent living in Cuba, the Netherlands, France, and many other places. This experience of moving from place to place enabled him to experience different cultures and understand the political environments that are at play in our world at present. His paintings often show the subject and the environment or place he is in -portrayed as the center and focus of his paintings. One example of this is Narcissus, completed in 2017 which shows the subject looking at his reflection on the water.

People often describe his paintings as those that contain very vivid and saturated colors which effectively conveys a message or idea to anyone who sees his paintings. Aside from the vibrant hues, one can also find deep and dark colors that function as shadows that compliment the bight and bold colors. In The Tree House, he shows a red treehouse that is surrounded by dark shadows and enveloped by white that creates an imagery of frost and snow.

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