What can I do if I’m having tech issues in my office?

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If you’re having tech issues, the best thing to do is to call out an IT service professional and let them take a look at it. It’s probably going to be too complicated for you to fix yourself, particularly if you have a large, complicated business network, and you don’t want to accidentally make things worse.

In this situation, I’d just call out my IT support in Essex. However, if you’re not covered by any tech support service providers, there are a few other options. It really depends on what the tech issue is, so you should first try to identify the problem. Is it a network issue? Is a piece of equipment, like a computer, playing up? Are your phone lines not working?

Then, you might be able to pay for someone to fix it, like an independent computer technician. Or alternatively, you could ask someone in the office who’s good with tech to try and fix it. As a last resort, see if whatever equipment isn’t working correctly is covered under warranty, or take it into a repair shop and let your insurance cover it.

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