What is the best way to clean the house in weekends?

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I always hire Maid Complete and have my weekends off to enjoy my family. They have a fixed rate pricing, booking the service is only and that’s so convenient! We always get the same cleaner and best of all the products are pet & kids friendly, couldn’t be better!


First thing is to enjoy cleaning. Don’t take it as a big headace work. Start your day with washing clothes. The clean utensils. This two work will take at least 3 hours. Then clean your house, dust the furnitures, wash the floors, etc. Clean the toilet. This will also take some time. One thing which we at our house do, is order breakfast and lunch from hotel on that cleaning day which is usually “Saturday”. So avoid cooking on that day which will help your cleaning work otherwise cleaning along with cooking will be very hard…. And also turn on music and listen to songs while cleaning. I think Saturday is enough and you can be free on Sunday. Enjoy cleaning. Happy cleaning.

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