What questions to answer for proper skylight design ?

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Anybody imagining thought to set up sky facing window needs to answer the accompanying inquiries.

  • What are the functional requirements of the space beneath the skylight? Atrium space, cafe, general passage corridor etc.
  • Is the space air conditioned?
  • How many meters/feet depth is the lowest floor beneath skylight to which light needs to reach?
  • What Lux level of illuminance expected at lowest level?
  • How sensitive is the space for heat ingress?
  • What is the skylight to floor area ratio?
  • What is the building orientation?
  • What is the shape of skylight?
  • What is the climatic region?
  • Any specific requirements of sound transfer during rainfall?
  • Any preference on structuring system material viz. painted steel, Aluminum or wood.
  • More information skylights