What should I pack for a beach vacation with toddlers?

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Making sure you have everything you need on your beach vacation is really important, especially if you have toddlers.

Some things you don’t want to forget include:

  • Sunscreen

This seems obvious, but stocking up on your choice of sunscreen ahead of time is a must. If you forget, buying suncream at the beach can be expensive, and you may end up with allergic reactions if you use products that you haven’t used on your toddler before.

  • A Beach Wagon

Carrying everything your toddler might require for a day at the beach might be difficult. Purchasing a beach wagon for your little one is a great idea. The best beach wagon for toddlers will have big wheels for the pulling on the sand, a nice long handle to make pulling comfortable for you and an umbrella, in case your toddler needs a place to take a shady nap in the afternoon.

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