What’s a greener alternative to linoleum flooring?

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When people talk about “green”, environment-friendly flooring materials, the first thing that comes to my mind is marmoleum. This popular flooring option is made from organic materials such as jute, linseed oil, wood flour, and more.
Another reason marmoleum is so popular is the fact that it does not contain any toxic chemicals, and can be installed without the use of harmful adhesives. Marmoleum is easy to clean as its anti-static properties prevent dust and dirt from sticking to it. A friend of mine who works for a large flooring company in Central Scotland told me that marmoleum has an estimated lifespan of about fifty years, which is incredible. That means it won’t need replacing any time soon. If you want a cost-effective, eco-friendly flooring material, I strongly suggest you give marmoleum a serious look.

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