What’s a nice shooting location for a wedding video?

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  • We’re going for nature colors like green, orange, and brown.

You can visit a nearby lake or stream. Go there in the late afternoon or just before sunset. There’s something romantic about weddings and sunsets.

Barn weddings are also a thing. There’s going to be lots of brown hues in a barn. You don’t have to worry about the weather since it’s a covered area. You can shoot the video in the morning to get vibrant colors because of the sun, or in the afternoon to set a laid back and relaxed country life mood to your video. At night, you can decorate the barn with party lights just like they do in the movies.

If you’re the adventurous kind of couple, take it one step further and do the shoot at a horse riding center. You’ll get all nature colors, brown, orange, green, and a lot more because there’ll be lots of wood, trees, leaves, and horses! Make the video more realistic by actually taking lessons and have the experience documented and shown on your wedding day.

Bourne Vale doesn’t only offer horse riding in Birmingham. It also houses a lovely garden and courtyard that has been used in as a filming location in shows.

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