When can DIY solar panels be problematic in terms of installation?

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You can opt to buy a solar kit and do the installation yourself or have an electrician do the installation. The main factor is the cost. You’ll save more when you do everything by yourself but that also means you need to have prior experience if you want everything to turn out the way it should.

DIY solar panels can be problematic if you’re not ready to do the physical work which requires hours of focus and concentration. Not to mention the amount of time you have to dedicate to research before you actually get into choosing the right solar panels. Second, it’s risky and dangerous to have to go through the process alone. Nobody will be there to oversee the installation process of help you inspect the equipment for safety. Third, if you have no prior experience, you might be overwhelmed when you work from a high place like the roof. Not to mention the risks of fires and explosions if you’re unfamiliar with wiring and electrical work. Hiring a CW electrical electrician in Hertfordshire reduces risks of accidents, injury, and ensures that the installation is performed while upholding the highest safety standards.

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