why Daylighting in building ?

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For what  reasons daylighting devices (tubular skylights, prismatic skylights….) needs  building.


More Benfits For using Natural lighting in Buildings or open places

Light pipe delivers more uniform day lighting throughout the day

Blocks UV radiation,No change of light color,Maintenance free,High impact strength,Durable & long life, Midnoon sun radiation is partially rejected

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Hi Asine

You are asked good question in this time very impotent,

Daylighting improves building energy efficiency, psychological and physical of building occupants. For that reason building rating systems, building codes have mandated use of daylight in buildings.

there specific products to handle daylight in buildings?

Lightpipe™ tubular skylights , Norikool™, Integrated Daylighting Systems, Anshu, and Skyshelves™ for managing daylight for all types of buildings.